Residential Maintenance 101 Workshop

Workshop Overview

This unique workshop is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed to perform a Residential HVAC Spring or Fall Maintenance visit. It is intended for entry-level maintenance technicians with no previous HVAC experience. Workshop size is small to be sure that students get the attention needed to ensure they receive and understand the course materials presented.

Unique features and benefits of this course: 

  • We come to your area - Your techs stay at home and are not distracted by having to travel out of town. Save all the travel expenses. 
  • Small class sizes - Your techs are unique and need individual attention afforded them by having more time with the trainers. 
  • Real-world training - Each tech will be prepared to begin to work and be productive as soon as they get back to your office. 
  • Fix the customer - Every tech attending will know and understand the critical importance of great customer service skills. Techs are rarely complimented on their technical skills. Knowing how to interact well with the customer is everything and without it, the tech is of limited use to your service department. 

Who Should Attend

  • New hires to company 
  • Installers transitioning into a service/maintenance department 

Learning Objectives 

At the conclusion of this course, each student should be able to: 

  • Perform a thorough Residential HVAC system cleaning 
  • Complete all paperwork associated with the maintenance call 
  • Understand their role with the company and the value they add to the team 
  • Understand the demanding customer service needs 
  • Understand the importance of HVAC maintenance 
  • Know HVAC industry history and their company’s local history 

Learning Methods Used 

We utilize multiple learning tools and settings including: 

  • Classroom training and testing 
  • Lectures and discussions 
  • Industry professionals come to talk about the current state of HVAC 
  • Hands-on with tools and equipment 
  • Role-playing critical customer interactions 

Topics Covered 

  • The history the HVAC industry 
  • HVAC systems and basic operation 
  • How to conduct yourself as the “new guy” in the company 
  • Dispatching and billing paperwork 
  • Technology used in the field 
  • Nutrition, hydration and clothing 
  • Job conditions in which you will be working 
  • Tools you will be using 
  • Benefits of a clean HVAC system 
  • How to clean an HVAC system 
  • Customer communications 
  • Basic diagnostics and results 
  • Inform - Educate - Offer 
  • System upgrades and enhancements 
  • Selling and Renewing Service Agreements and System Accessories 
  • Online training resources and self-paced learning 
  • EPA 608 training and testing 

Completion Requirements 

Student will be required to demonstrate the ability to successfully complete an entire system tune-up including customer greeting all the way through billing. They will demonstrate verbally the importance of maintenance and be able to communicate that to a customer and potential customer. They will verbally talk through all the steps to a maintenance call as they are doing the task(s) with the instructor. 

Prerequisite Requirements 

Materials to Bring 

  • Your company's Maintenance Agreement Forms 
  • Your company's Maintenance Agreement task checklist 
  • Company tablet or cell phone you will be using in the field 
  • Copy of your company's history - Make sure you can tell it! 
  • Copy of your optional Personality Profile/Assessment 
  • Hand Tools for Field Work (click here for tool list) 

What You Will Receive 

  • Class workbook and completion certificate 
  • EPA Section 608 Certification Training & Exam 
  • Lunch provided daily 

Appropriate Dress for Class 

  • Work boots, work pants and shirt. Check current weather conditions for the class dates selected. 

Class Hours 

 Week 1    Week 2  
 Monday  8:00-5:00  Monday  8:00-5:00
 Tuesday  8:00-5:00  Tuesday  8:00-5:00
 Wednesday  8:00-5:00  Wednesday  8:00-5:00
 Thursday  8:00-5:00  Thursday  8:00-5:00 (class complete)
 Friday  8:00-5:00 (EPA Certification)    



  • 8 hours per day for 9 days over two consecutive weeks 


  • $5,000.00 per Student. 

About the Instructor 


Andy Holt, Owner of TopRate Services, LLC., developed a new training system that combines both the classroom and hands on experience that equips a motivated student to effectively and efficiently complete a professional Residential Maintenance Call.  

In 1978, Andy began his career working in his family’s HVAC business and, through his own experiences, he teaches other HVAC professionals how to best do their jobs while looking through the customer’s eyes.  

Andy has been training, coaching and inspiring other HVAC professionals in his own businesses since 1992.  

One belief and value often shared by Andy is, “We are not in the HVAC business... we are in the people business and just happen to turn wrenches on HVAC equipment.”


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