Service Technician Camp

This course is for both service and maintenance technicians of all experience levels: from industry rookie to seasoned veterans. We cover all aspects of the job from attitude to proper billing; from selling accessories to recommending a replacement system. The life principle of, “It’s Not About You” provides the foundation of the training in this course.

Installation Technician Camp

Installers spend more time with customers and bring in more gross revenue than anyone else in your company. This course gives them the tools and confidence to represent your company in a more professional way and have more job satisfaction.

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Who should attend

Service Technicians, Residential Installers, Service Managers, Installation Managers, and Owners. We have courses for each department designed to help the student increase their skills and confidence when dealing with customers and co-workers.


  • Your Job as a Professional
  • On The Job Leadership
  • Customer Communications
  • Gaining Your Customer's Trust
  • Learn that “It’s Not About You.”
  • And so much more...

What to bring

Rain gear, fishing tackle (Bream & Bass), and a cooler to take fish home.

Training Camp Cost

$1,095 per attendee includes all meals, lodging, course material and certificate of completion.

** Check with your distributor for available co-op funds - NATE credits earned on certain Outdoor University courses **